We are celebrating our first Pride as employees together and the family will be there too. We would like the stand also to partner with you on sustainability and see what we can do together in the future. With Grundfos being a big organisation in jylland, we really hope we can make a difference. It took a long time to get all these approvals, so we really hope to have a space or two spaces for the persons walking with us to relax afterwords. Showing support as an organisation that diversity matters to us, and this is a start of hopefully a long and fruitful collaboration. We really want to be involved in uplifting the community and would like to help as much as we can in jylland with pride and diversity and empowering the future generation to believe in themselves regardless of their gender or sexual identity. We want to be a lighthouse for the LGBTQIA+ community in jylland and stand strong together to promote and help drive diversity.